Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Psychic

Last night I was in the car & I was thinking how much I love VBecks & ELLE should give her another cover, & they are! Victoria Beckham will grace the cover of ELLE's October Issue! Roberta Meyers, great minds think alike. (cough, hire me) [nymag]

Beauty's Night Out?

So during Fashion's Night Out, you can pretty much go home with a whole new look. Head to Chanel at 139 Spring street at Wooster street for a free, yes i said free manicure in that amazing jade green color that Karl used for Fall 2009, also, since the line for a Chanel jade green manicure will be longer than the great wall of China, manicurists from Sally Hansen will be offering complimentary service at the Tracy Reese store on 641 Hudson street near Gansevoort. Go to Space.NK at 99 Green street near Spring street & pick up a gift bag stuffed with samples and they will be doing free mini facials and face masks. Bumble & Bumble at 146 East 56th street near Lexington will give free hair styling lessons upon request so find your favorite runway hair style & bring it over. Everyone loves the C.O. Bigelow lip glosses, well stop by their store on 414 Sixth ave near 9th street for a free tube of Mentha Lip Shine. Loved the Anna Sui for Target collection (I posted it a few weeks ago)? Go to 54 Crosby street near Spring street to grab some pieces before they hit stores.(I know that has nothing to do with beauty but I thought I should throw it out there) Recieve a complimentary 5 milliliter bottle of Le Labo's fragrance collection at 233 Elizabeth street near Prince street. Saks Fifth Ave is doing free brow shapings and for guys, free clean-ups. (nymag) Oh also, Gucci's 5th ave store will be gving away the Fashion's Night Out t-shirt for free. Hmmm..isn't the whole point of FNO to shop? Screw that when you get all this for free baby.

Alexander Wang, Perv?

New York Magazine asked some New York designers to describe their new Spring 2010 collections in one word;

Friday, August 28, 2009

Love Sonia like I Love Begonias

Last night I was watching this sort of hour long homage to Sonia Rykiel and I'm now obsessed. I mean I loved her before but now I'm immersed in Sonianess. This is the Spring/Summer 2008 ad campaign but I absolutley love it so I'm posting it. I'm thinking of styling my hair like hers, it's already the same cut, why not.. & watch the SS09 runway, it looks so effing fun.

Nick Knight: Fashion Photographing Extraordinaire

I'm having a fashiongasm.
You need to watch these;
(click photos to enlarge.)

Thank the Fashion Gods

Photo courtesy of Fashion's Night Out facebook fan page. I was perpetually wondering how the hell I was going to have time to see Alexander Wang give runway lessons at Barney's and meet Jason Wu & Proenza Schoulers Jack and Lazaro at Kirna Zabete, but this fabulous bus you see above will make everything possible. The FNO bus will provide FREE rides around nyc stopping between downtown and midtown at all the major spots for the night. I never say "epic" but FNO will deffinatley be something of that sort.

What I Really Really Want

OMFG. Victoria Beckham, VBecks, will be at Bergdorf Goodman on Fashion's Night Out. Is three pics too excessive? No. (fashionologie)

Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2 Review

This week, I thought the challenge was pretty good. I thought maternity wear would've been really challenging for the designers but alot of them really turned out something good. If you read my last review, you know I am obsessed with Malvin's bone structure and I'm sad to see him go but he designed for poultry, not a woman. I feel like Mitchell has really good ideas but he dosen't know how to execute them properly or he runs out of time, I don't think he works well under pressure. Epperson made a gorgeoussss jumpsuit I would totally devour if I was pregnant but he put a hideous cardigan over it. Styling assistance needed Epperson? Call me. Shirin won the challenge and it was well deserved. The detailing she did around the baby bump was genius. Althea did the insane navy silk gown. Gordana did great separates. Michael Kors was absent from the juding panel tonight hence I have no witty comments or critiques from him (frown). You'll notice I don't mention every designer in my reviews, I only mention the ones I feel were highlighted in the episode and stood out. Also, I have to say I'm still not adjusting to Lifetime I mean, I almost missed the episode because I put Bravo on and I was freaking out as to why the fuck Real Housewives of Atlanta was on instead of PR. The one thing I do like about Lifetime is that on you can watch full episodes of PR. The second they start playing commercials of Reba or Frasier during Project Runway, I may have to boycott.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If a Girl Wants to Dance

Remember about 2 years ago "THE SKINNY BLACK PANT" that the Gap did with Audrey Hepburn as the whole inspiration? Remember how much you love'd the commercial? I know me too; It's like Christmas isn't it.

Put it in Neutral

Put it in Neutral I made this on Do you like? I love.

Pure Couture

Insanity (


Behind the scenes of i-D's September cover shoot. If you're wondering why the girls are all winking, that's i-D's signature. Every cover, the shot is a wink. If you turn your head sideways you'll see that i-D looks like a winking smiley face.But you already knew that...

Balenciaga on Bike

Mert Alas Marcus Piggott have done it again. Blew my mind. My cerebellum is having a seizure right now. Styled by Alex White, the dream team shot this for W magazine, I think W always has the best editorials. I knew those Prada waders would come in handy somewhere and look at the second shot with the Vuitton. God.

Shooting Woodstock

(W Magazine) Jeurgen Teller, the brilliance behind Marc Jacobs' ad campaigns, shot this for the September issue of W for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.
These are some of my favorite shots, especially the second one. There's something eerie about them.

What's for Lunch? H&M.

Love that shot, love Sasha, it's only $39.95 in the US, Holyshit.

Marc Jacobs Loves Lola

The new fragrance from Marc. It smells amazinggg & the bottle is major. The lovely Karlie Kloss is "Lola". Karlie's giving her signature "death stare" in the photo but it dosen't look evil, it looks kind of like " I smell good and I'll kick your ass if I have to." Love it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When The Phone Rang for Alex Wang...

I love Alexander Wang as a designer and a person, I got to meet him back in June & he's so incredibly nice. His designs are so effortless and epitomize the meaning of cool. He makes fashion fun and is branching off into new areas of the industry, (cough, eyewear!). The wonder kid has an article featured in W magazine that you need to read, right now;

Better Than Ice Cream

The insanely gorgeous talented connoisseur Pharrell Williams will be at his Billionaire Boys Ice Cream store at 456 West Broadway on Fashion's Night Out to ring you up ;) at the register & introduce some exclusive new merchandise. (

Get Charlize's John Hancock

September Vogue cover girl Charlize Theron will be at Dior's 57th avenue store signing copies of the Vogue's September issue on Fashion's Night Out. The Night to end all Nights!

Fashion's Night Out Public Service Announcement

Watch It! (people)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Needy Edie

I'm obsessed with Edie Sedgwick right now. She's absolutley stunning & has such a cool aura and presence. She's a true "It Girl". We don't have many of those these days, I mean she was a muse for Andy Warhol so obviously she had something distinctive about her. In 1965 she was named "Girl of the Year". The only girl I could think of today that would be worthy of that title would be Agyness Deyn, maybe. Known for her impeccable style and chandelier earrings, this girl was and always will be a true style icon. Here's a compilation:

Everything's Graceful at Prada

If you've seen The September Issue or you've seen any of the previews I've posted, you adore Grace Coddington. The Creative Director of Vogue will be at Prada on 5th Ave on Fashion's Night Out to do some storytelling. (

Boisterous Brown Beauties

Behold i-D magazine's September cover. Chanel Iman, Sessilee Lopez, (the pregnant) Jourdan Dunn, and Arlenis Sosa. These fiercies were shot by Emma Summerton, and were styled by Edward Enninful. The cover is great, the models look like they had fun on set. I love the color story, the cool tones, blues, purples, greens, and of course browns. I would totally pick it up off a newstand. (fashionologie)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Look What I Found

A clip from tonight's episode of The Tonight Show! Watch The Tonight Show with David Letterman tonight at 11:35 on CBS to see the whole interview with Anna. Anna looks insanee major. Click This to Watch It!

Lunch Time

Here's a small look at tonights season 2 premier of The Rachel Zoe Project!

Another September Issue Clip Released!

For some reason I feel like with all these clips being released, we're going to see the whole movie before it comes out but it's not like that would be an issue. (pun!) In this clip, Vogue's Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley is plays tennis in Ralph Lauren shirts, Louis Vuitton scarves hats & luggage, and Damon Dash trousers. Now that's how you do "sportswear".

Public Fashion Announcement: Eyes Will be Glued to Televisions Starting at 10pm

Lock everyone out of the room, set your TiVo, do whatever you have to do because tonight at 10pm on Bravo is the premire of The Rachel Zoe Project season 2! Also, after that at 11:35 Anna Wintour will be on David Letterman to promote The September Issue and Fashion's Night Out. What will she wear? My money is on Oscar de la Renta or Prada.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rachels and Caftans and Shoes, Oh My!

If you love Rachel Zoe, keep reading. If you don't know who Rachel Zoe is, keep reading. Holyshit is my initial thought after looking at these pictures. They're of Rachel Zoe's studio. She could lock me in there for centuries. Rachel Strugatz from the Huffington Post interviewed fashion stylist and guru Rachel Zoe on her go to outfits, style icons, and inspiration.
Rachel Strugatz: Describe your personal style.
Rachel Zoe: My personal style is deffinatley grounded in the 60's and 70's -- I can't seem to get out of it and it's what works best for me. I love the glam bohemian thing, the music from the 60's and 70's, everything about the women in this era: Marianne Faithful, Bianca Jagger, Edie Sedgwick, Briggite Bardot, Ali McGraw, the women of Halston and Yves Saint Laurent- there are so many. It's the whole time period that goes into Studio 54-- it's glamour, sexy glamour.
Rachel Strugatz:What is your go-to outfit?
Rachel Zoe: I would say a pair of bell bottom jeans- either wide leg or bell bottoms that are high wasted too- with a t-shirt or tank from Alexander Wang or Phillip Lim, and usually a Chanel or Louis Vuitton jacket- vintage or new. And always platforms-- those are either Louis Vuitton, Brian Atwood, Lanvin, Azzedine Alaia, or Christian Louboutin.
Rachel Strugatz: What are your must-have items this fall?
Rachel Zoe: A tuxedo jacket -- I love the one from Balmain. I also love the bags that Marc Jacobs did for Louis Vuitton for the fall- they are amazing. I am obsessed with leggings and I love the leather pair by Rag & Bone. When it comes to leggings I stick to black- black leather or the black stretch leggings. Any leggings for fall are great. I love the jewlery that Karl Lagerfeld did for Chanel with all the jade and the onyx. He did this thing that goes around your fingers like rings but it's sort of a bracelet into a ring. I love the color combination. The neon pieces Marc Jacobs' pieces are incredible- the yellow wrap coat in particular.
Rachel Strugatz: What inspires you?
Rachel Zoe: So many periods in fashion inspire me depending on the client I am working with. Primarily it's the designers and what they show on their runways that inspire me. That's why it's so important that I go to the shows because I leave with a ton of ideas- whether it's couture or ready to wear. That's what gets me excited to do the next project. When I see what designers are showing, it tells me what's happening now, this is what's going on now, this is what will work with that client, etc.
Rachel Strugatz: How do you stay relevant?
Rachel Zoe: It's not ever an intention -- I keep working harder and harder at my job and diversifying in the kind of work I do. We just launched my website on August 4th- it crashed on the first day because we had too much traffic but everyone kept saying it was a good thing. I update my site everyday. I personally pick what goes onto the site, and it takes alot of time- it's really important to me because I don't want to put something out there that I'm not excited about. From Monday to Friday there will be a key item and that will dictate a trend of an idea- and if it's an item that's super expensive, I'll always give an alternate that I call "parallel universe". You're in the same universe, you're just getting it for less money. What we're doing is the daily newsletter, and each day will be a different category: apparel, beauty, lifestyle, jewlery, etc. Theres a section called "Ask Rachel" and because I'm very infatuated with twitter, people can ask me questions through my site and link to twitter. I always give advice and things like that as we move foward. Ultimately, I want to sell products on the site and have an e-commerce component- it will be a resource for everything. Everything I put on the site links to a place you can purchase. But baby steps first- I want to get it right and then the people that are looking at it will give their feedback. I'm also launching a collection on QVC. It's a line of bags, jewlery, hats, scarves, outerwear, and sunglasses- so that's really exciting. It's a very accessible price point and everything is under $150. The jewlery is way under $100 and the bags are about $120 but almost everything is in that range.
5 Things about Rachel:
1. She loves to cook and bake. Her favorite thing to make is chocolate chip banana bread.
2. She's a good tennis player and a great skier.
3. She's obsessed with Warren Buffet.
4. She always has to watch Friends and Will & Grace before she goes to sleep. It's too hard for her to pick her favorite Friends character -- she loves them all.
5. The last book she read was The World of Coco Chanel: Friends, Fashion, Fame by Edmonde Charles-Roux
Season 2 of The Rachel Zoe Project premiers Monday on Bravo at 10pm!

Christopher Kane for Topshop!

Here is the insaneeee Christopher Kane for Topshop line. It consists of 39 pieces and I think it's one of the best collaborations yet. All the mirror details he did are amazing, the colors, the dresses. I'm beyond words right now, obsessed with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd looks. The clothes arrive in Topshop next month so start saving because they're not exactly dirt cheap. Price range goes from $60, that'll get you a scarf, to $310 for a dress.